Frequently Asked Questions

What is PC BackUp PRO?

PC BackUp PRO is a backup software and solution that automates the process of backing up your important computer records and data, and transferring them to a secure off-site location. The backup software is installed on your server or computers, and schedules are set to automatically back them up. This information is transmitted via a secure link using your internet connection to the backup vault.

How much your product costs?

We have two available option plans: Solo and Premium with pricing of $9.99 and $19.99 per month respectively.

Who is PC BackUp PRO for?

PC BackUp PRO is for anyone who has data that needs protection and online backup.

What does PC BackUp PRO protect you from?

It protects you from data loss. Data loss is common yet completely preventable. PC BackUp PRO is your solution to making sure your data is safe from ransomware and cryptolocker, natural disaster, physical disaster, data theft, human error, computer virus, hardware failure, and accidental loss just to name a few.

How secure is our backup?

When our client backs up your data it secures it using AES-256 ‘military grade’ encryption, from then onwards your data is encrypted at all points of the backup journey – from transit to our vault and finally at ‘rest’ in our storage. The only stage that your information is decrypted is when you need a restore.

I have questions about my backup software. What should I do?

Contact us through our 24/7 Customer Service hotline: Phone: 1-800-204-9618 or through email [email protected]

How to contact you?

You can reach us through our 24/7 Customer Support hotline: Phone: 1-800-204-9618 or through email [email protected]


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